BWC Creates FAQs on Workers’ Comp Exposure for Ohio Employers


March 2, 2015

PIAA continues to work with the Ohio BWC on helping to fix the long-standing problem of other states not recognizing Ohio’s workers’ comp coverage. Last summer, BWC issued a Request for Information (RFI) to vendors to obtain information regarding solutions available to provide the limited other-states coverage and other-states coverage authorized through HB 493. BWC was seeking to gain a full understanding of the capabilities of an other-states insurer in anticipation of later issuing a Request for Proposals (RFP).

While it was expected that an RFP would have been issued by now, BWC is focused on getting the other-states’ program set up right, rather than fast, and therefore has taken the time necessary to ensure they are contemplating all aspects of the program to craft the best RPF possible. It is anticipated that an RFP will be issued later this month.

In preparation for the creation of the other-states’ coverage program, BWC created a fact sheetthat can be found on BWC’s Interstate Jurisdiction page. Use this in your discussions with your commercial clients to help them understand the issue and the exposure(s) they may face when leaving Ohio.

Based on the timing of the RFP being issued, BWC has indicated that the earliest they anticipate having something up and running to provide a temporary other-states’ coverage solution is early 2016.

PIAA is working with BWC on the details of the fronting arrangement and on what, if any, role agents will have in the process of helping employers obtain other-states’ coverage. We are advocating with BWC for meaningful engagement from insurance agents as a key to making this program a success, and have put forth several ideas for agent involvement.

We will keep members informed of when the RFP is issued and of any new developments that occur.