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Ohio Department of Insurance Announces “New” Mandatory Requirement for Identification Number on CE Forms Effective January 1, 2008

In response to concerns over identity theft and privacy issues, the Ohio Department of Insurance (ODI), as of January 1, 2008, will no longer require continuing education providers to collect an agent’s Social Security Number. After January 1, 2008, it is mandatory that agents provide their National Producer Number (NPN), which is assigned by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC), in order to receive their CE credits.

Finding your NPN

The insurance department will be sending letters to all licensed agents (who have accurate addresses on file with the department) informing them of the identifier change that will be put into effect January 1, 2008. The letter will also include their personal NPN. For those individuals who do not know their NPN, the following resources are available for obtaining the number:

◦ Under “Agent/agency locator option”

▪ www.ohioinsurance.gov/ConsumServ/Ocs/agentloc.asp

◦ Under “Agent & Agency Services Related Links”

▪ www.ohioinsurance.gov/agent/scripts/LicNumQuery.asp

  • National Insurance Producer Registry Web page at www.nipr.com

◦ Under “National Producer Number Access”

▪ www.nipr.com/html/PacNpnSearch.htm

◦ Under “Find your license number/NPN”

▪ https://www.sircon.com/ComplianceExpress/Inquiries/index.jsp?nonSscrb=Y&li d=si_aa7&sc=yoqmbuwl&sscrbid=9028

If you have any questions, please contact the Department at 614-728-5860.

ODI License Education Staff